Life Without Lights – Peter DiCampo

Ashden is a charity promoting sustainable energy and all the life-changing benefits it brings. They reward some of the best sustainable energy solutions in the UK and developing world. At their prestigious annual awards ceremony, winners receive a cash prize and global exposure.

“What an inspiring evening! I am humbled by what I’ve seen from these award winners. I congratulate them all and thank the Ashden Awards for occasions like this” – Sir David Attenborough speaking at the 2010 awards ceremony.

Ever thought about how much light you need to power your life? This years’ winner, American photographer Peter DiCampo visited Northern Ghana to find out just how hard it is to live without access to something we take for granted. His images give insight into the experience of the 1.4 billion people who currently live without electricity; people relying on candles, kerosene lanterns or torches to carry out daily activities.

Ashden are excited to be presenting his illuminating images in a unique exhibition at The Strand Gallery. Visitors will be handed a solar lamp to light their way through the darkened gallery and see what it’s like to live without lights. Members of the Ashden team will be on-hand to answer your questions.

At the start of the UN International Year of Sustainable Energy for All this will be a very timely event raising awareness of a critical issue and some simple solutions.

“Life Without Lights” will be at The Strand Gallery until Sunday 12th Feb.


One response to “Life Without Lights – Peter DiCampo

  1. Beautiful photographs highlighting an excellent cause. My favourite was the boys reading the Koran by candlelight. Go and see this exhibition if you can.

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