Ubiquitous Grounds – 3is3 Identity Collective

This new exhibition at The Strand Gallery is presented by photography collective 3is3 identity. The artists Tom Kavanagh, Tim Deussen, Simon Slipek and Christian Kraatz offer different views on the relationship between people and places. A variety of styles such as portraits, documentary, street and fine art photography provides an insight into ubiquitous grounds.

We caught up with photographer Christian Kraatz in the run up to the show…

The Strand Gallery: So tell me a little bit about the collective…

Christian Kraatz: 3is3identity is an international group of photographers founded in 2010 by Julia Belling (curator/artdirector) and Christian Kraatz (photographer). Our aim is to put together shows related to the theme of Identity. Regular exchange about individual projects and curating group exhibitions brings dialogue, growth and inspiration for artists, supporters and the curious alike. Ubiquitous Grounds is all about the relations between people and places. Where and how we live has a huge affect on all of us and how we’re perceived by others and ourselves. Through the show we want to explore how each of us gives special meaning to spaces and communities around us and influence collective identities.

SG: You all come from different backgrounds both creatively and geographically – how did you end up meeting and forming the collective?

CK: Well it all fell into place in a way. When Julia and I decided to put together the first show we were looking for artists with a strong body of work related to the theme of identity. Also people who were willing to contribute more than just photographs. It was clear to us that with small budgets we can only succed if we share skills.

That was the starting point. We knew a lot of professionals from Germany and London is such a great place to meet creatives. So we asked around and called for submissions and I guess we found like minded people and people found us. The last three shows proved that a group of ambitious people are capable of much more complex ventures than a single individual.

SG: And you are running some events alongside the exhibition?

CK: Yes. Apart from the launch night we are going to have artist talks followed by Q/A sessions. Also a poetry reading by a Syrian writer who is writing something especially for Ubiquitous Grounds with the idea of giving the audience an additional approach to the theme.

The show “Ubiquitous Grounds” which runs from 24th-28th of February at The Strand Gallery and will feature artist talks, Q/A sessions and poetry.


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