SPOTLIGHT: Bethan Wynton

Please tell us a little about yourself and your career so far as a photographer?

I am a fine art photographer currently living in North London. I studied Photography and Digital Imaging (HND) at Truro College, then graduated in Photography BA (Hons) from Falmouth University in 2011.

I exhibited in Falmouth in early 2010, at the Truman Brewery in the Raining Stare-rods graduate showcase last June, and more recently at Showcase Cities in Shoreditch. Shortly I will be exhibiting in the Crouch End Arts Festival.

My portfolio is always changing and growing. I’m compelled to record the things around me and my reaction to them. I keep my blog and website regularly updated with my latest work, competition entries and news of upcoming exhibitions.

I am inspired by change: seeing new places, meeting new people, participating in new experiences. I make images as a reaction to these experiences, and to focus on the view that may have gone unseen: sometimes hard and real, sometimes nostalgic. I want other people to find their own interpretation of my images, to build their own narrative, not simply mine.

Your series Liquid Light is beautiful and intriguing, what is the concept behind this series?

The series “Liquid Light” marks a turning point, a further maturing of my practice. It invokes deep personal memory by focussing on everyday detail, the minutiae that brings a time, a place, a person to life, as might a familiar tune or a waft of perfume.

The painterly quality achieved by using silver gelatin enhances the fragility of the image. Whilst the tonal range in analogue photography reflects the uncertain transitions of real life more truthfully than the hard borders that separate digital pixels.

As this series came together I realised how much I loved working with black and white film. Looking back I recognise this series marks the emergence of my own voice in photography, as a romanticised theme runs through a lot of my work.

Do you work with analogue or digital cameras? What’s the reasoning behind your decision?

Analogue is something I am always returning to: the grain, the mood, the depth of black and white film suits my photographic style. However, I challenge myself to use digital as well, because I believe it has its place in fine art photography and the options are endless for manipulating and enhancing the original image.

Are you working on any projects at the moment? Tell us about it/them?

Currently I am working on a project “From all walks of life” which sums up my curiosity of people and places, capturing their essence through examining specific details. I entered the Leica Oskar Barnack Award with a selection of the images I’ve produced for this project so far.

What would you say is your biggest photographic aspiration/goal?

While developing my technique and style, and building my reputation as a fine art photographer in London, I also intend to seek editorial/artistic commissions that suit my approach, especially travelling overseas.


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