COMING UP… The Strand Gallery Presents ‘This is William Blanchard’

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The Strand Gallery is proud to present, ‘This is William Blanchard’, a vibrant insight into the work of London Based artist William Blanchard. Dwelling upon the semiotics of pop culture, Blanchard works in conjunction with already formulated interpretations to create an innovative response to pop art. Blanchard’s art is a mixture of simplicity and complexity, and at first glance it appears to have a carefree approach, yet after closer inspection, a more purposeful technique is revealed. Each piece has a sense of spontaneity, yet is carefully controlled, without being overly worked.

Blanchard’s work is heavily influenced by artists such as Paolozzi, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, Peter Blake, Joseph Cornell and Richard Hamilton. These influences are omnipresent in his work while his unique use of materials dominates his pieces. Blanchard plays on the bright graphics, collage and do-it-yourself aesthetic of pop art; he is able to work with carnival colours and shooting targets. He juxtaposes this with found, aged objects to create an array of pieces that demonstrate a personal, yet exciting and inviting response to his surroundings.

Growing up in a home where nothing was thrown away, from the beginning Blanchard was familiar with the value of found objects. Famously self described as having the ‘hoarding gene’, any and every object had a value and a meaning. Blanchard describes himself as a ‘collector’ with his work being directly inspired by his childhood bedroom, or ‘museum of artefacts’, an ‘exhibition of weirdness’. Blanchard is able to juxtapose this diverse collection of objects, in order to create new forms that are stamped with his unique, distinctive style. Culture and society are contrasted to create brash yet meaningful pieces, achieved by combining personal emotion with social criticism.

Blanchard’s exceptional talent is visible through his ability to transform a variety of ideas, materials and objects, which contain personal meanings and messages.

25th July – 4th August at the Strand Gallery
Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 6:00
Entrance free

contact to request an exhibition catalogue


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