EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Strand Gallery partners with Faris Badwan for new exhibition

Here at The Strand Gallery, we are very excited to announce our forthcoming exhibition which will be running from 18th – 30th September 2012. Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan, is a collection of the artist’s intricate, dreamlike ink drawings, alongside new works in watercolour.

Faris Badwan is frontman of The Horrors and his unique artwork has adorned the album covers of The Horrors, Hatcham Social and The Charlatans.He studied at St Martin’s college of Art and has documented his entire life through drawing. Faris has identified the accidental and the obsessive nature of his work as ‘hypnotic’ states of concentration which go hand-in-hand with unintentional smudges and slips of the pen.

The exhibition maps the progression from Faris’ early pen and ink sketches, through to bold, new pieces in watercolour and acrylic.

Faris: The Creatures in Colour will be compiled from sketchbooks I’ve been keeping over the last couple of years. I draw all the time and as a result the books end up documenting everything. Aside from the visual diary aspect, The Strand Gallery will be exhibiting new unseen paintings and drawings more focused around colour and technique. There were ideas in the last exhibition that I wanted to develop and expand upon, and a lot of the mark-making in the new work is more expressive and intense.”

Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan will be showing at The Strand Gallery 18th – 30th September 2012


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