The Strand Gallery presents…Faris Badwan’s ‘Creatures in Colour’


Musician, artist and front man of the Horrors Faris Badwan is launching his second solo exhibition, Creatures in Colour, here at The Strand Gallery next week. This exhibition explores the progression from Faris’ dreamlike, intricate ink drawings to bold and vibrant new watercolours.

Acropolis, 21x28cm Watercolour, £300 +VAT

Faris’ inspirations derive from artists such as Klimt, Klee and JW Waterhouse; his work echoes their influences, in particular through these spectacular new watercolours. Faris Badwan began drawing from a very young age and studied at St Martin’s College of Art; it has been a significant part of his life ever since. Faris finds drawing liberating due to its escapist nature; much of his inspiration comes from the world around him, creating beautiful  and askew observations and musings on day to day life.

Faris’ obsessive nature of drawing is hypnotic; each subject is drawn to exhaustion, resulting in a depiction of an intimate snippet of a dream world. His subjects are shown in such a way, that the spectator almost feels like they are peeking into a world of brilliant thoughts, illustrated with sketch-like figures. The individuality of Faris’ work is obvious; it echoes the passion for his skill, reflected in every pen mark and brush stroke. The accidental nature of his work gives it a refreshing edge.

I appreciate the value of accidents in art, the way ink doesn’t come out of a pen evenly, or when you slip and fall asleep while drawing which happens more often than you think!” – Faris

Creatures in Colour introduces a new chapter in Faris’ artistic career; launching an entirely new spectrum of works, exhibiting the artist’s experimentation with different styles and colour. They bring his work to life, showing an evolution from his original pen and ink drawings into a new realm of inspiration. These watercolours move away from the repetition of Faris’ instinctive and obsessive drawings, ‘a stream that invades [Faris’] daily routine’, revealing bursts of enthusiasm for a new technique. It is a new and exciting aspect of Faris’ work which has never been seen before.

Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan is showing at The Strand Gallery from 19th – 30th September.

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