OWN THE ARTWORK: Creatures in Colour by FARIS BADWAN

Creations in Colour : Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan; the current exhibition at The Strand Gallery, gives an alternative insight into the creative mind of Faris Badwan. Now in its final week, this is the last chance to buy an original piece of art from the Horrors frontman.

Faris comments on his approach to art:
“What I want to get across is how much of a part of my life drawing always has been. It invades all of my daily routine, be it in the shredded form of masking tape stuck to my walls, line-drawings on restaurant napkins or supermarket receipts, to the sketchbooks I carry with me. It really is the one constant solid thing in my life – a stream which runs regardless of what I happen to be doing or where.”

Map of the World in Colour Part 1, 50x70cm
Original artwork signed by Faris. £1200 +VAT

Compared to Badwan’s graphic line drawings, this image initially appears as a chaotic explosion of colour – then as you step closer the seemingly infinite details begin to pop out and keep your eyes searching and hunting for more. This is one of our favourites!

“My sketchbooks have always been fairly voyeuristic in that many of the drawings spring from watching people or mishearing conversations… shreds of sentences or characters and their personality traits appear on different pages, and then continue to develop and mutate. The effect is a bit like spying on someone through a warped lens.” 

We love the way Map Of The World in Colour gives us a glimpse of Faris’s hectic lifestyle, allowing us to be voyeurs to a snippet of his life.

The Fantastic Four, 28x28cm
Limited Edition Print of 50, signed by Faris £120 +VAT

Faris’ earlier works acts as a diary, documenting everything he sees in a subconscious  flow. Here in The Fantastic Four we see a more considered and controlled collection of portraits, carefully depicting the four other members of the band he fronts. This will defintely be a hit with any Horrors fans.

Creatures in Colour
runs until the 30th of September.
Pirces start at £80+VAT.
To request the full exhibition catalogue or for any sales enquiries please email: leila@proud.co.uk


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