Terry O’Neill Award Feature: Antony Crossfield

In 2008 photographic artist Antony Crossfield scooped first prize for the Terry O’Neill Award with his series Foreign Body; a collection of figurative photomontages exploring the relationship between the body and identity.

Working from figurative drawings, Crossfield creates composite photographs through a meticulous process of  digital manipulation. The result lies somewhere between the haunting theatre of Gregory Crewdson’s photographic tableaux and the distorted flesh figures painted by Francis Bacon.

On the subject of his series, Crossfield writes:

The body is depicted as a place of interface between the subject and the other, rather than a protective envelope that defines and unifies our limits. The body’s boundaries are questioned and the closure and integrity of the self is placed in doubt, as is the stability of photography as a digital medium. The body is no longer the space that secures the idea of self, it is the domain where the self is contested and called into question.’

Since winning the Terry O’Neill Award, Crossfield has been busy making a new photographic body of work to be exhibited in 2013.

The deadline for submitting entries for this years award is November 22nd. You can submit your photographic series digitally via: www.oneillaward.com

Shortlisted entries and winners will be exhibited at The Strand Gallery between 18th – 31st January 2013.


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