COMING UP: Tough Crowd by Dave Brown

Dave Brown photographed by Andy Hollingworth

Dave Brown photographed by Andy Hollingworth

The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce Tough Crowd  by Dave Brown, an alternative look at some famous faces of British comedy. Photographer Brown, most famous for his role as Bollo in BBC comedy show The Mighty Boosh, depicts these funny characters in a personal and intimate manner providing a behind the scenes insight to the comedy circuit. Brown Says:

I want to capture a glimpse of these thick skinned, seriously tough, complex, moody characters and try to show them in a different light to the usual smiley happy go lucky comedy world image we’re used to.

Brown’s subjects are no strangers to the spotlight – with sitters include Bill Bailey, Noel Fielding, Lenny Henry, Harry Hill and Jimmy Carr – however, Brown manages to evoke the vulnerable nature of his subjects through the composition and lighting of his portraits, often capturing his subjects in profile, rather than face on and staring into the camera lens.

afrikids header
Brown is an ambassador for the charity AfriKids thus all profits from this exhibition will go towards improving the lives of vulnerable children in Ghana.

Tough Crowd by Dave Brown runs from December 5th-15th.


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