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COMING UP: A-Ha Photographs by Stian Andersen

The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce an exclusive exhibition of Norwegian superband A-ha; a series of stunning black and white images of the band’s intimate and iconic moments from acclaimed photographer Stian Andersen. To the very first photo he took of the band in 1994 to the very last concert on December 4, 2010, Andersen has been closer to the band than any other photographer. Backstage, on stage; in private planes and hotel rooms: all taken with Andersen’s analogue film camera – apparent in the grainy, atmospheric quality of the images – see A-ha as you have never seen them before.


Andersen worked as A-ha´s photographer for ten years shooting the band’s different album covers and promotional photos. To capture the images in this exhibition he travelled with the band across the globe to twenty cities in twelve different countries for a total of 37 concerts: to places like Tokyo, Osaka, Rio, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago De Chile, St Petersburg, Minsk, Moscow, London and New Jersey. He was even there for the recording of their last ever album “Foot Of The Mountain” and the band’s emotional final concert.


Andersen went to the UK and London five times (to different venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, O2 Arena, Heaven and Wembley Arena) to capture six UK A-ha concerts. In this collection – brought to the UK for the first time and based on Andersen’s book A-ha Photographs 1994-2010 – see loyal fans clutching banners, arenas packed with chanting fans and the band performing in the spotlight. Andersen documents the energetic and globally-celebrated reunion of A-ha.


A-Ha Photographs by Stian Andersen runs between 28th February – 17th March at The Strand Gallery.

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LAST CHANCE: Hot Valve Leak!

Vic Reeves at Hot Valve Leak

It’s the last week to see our brilliant exhibition Hot Valve Leak: Visual Ramblings of Vic Reeves, which runs until February 23rd.

With original artworks starting at £550 ex VAT don’t miss out on the chance to pick up a one-of-a-kind. To request an e-catalogue please email:


Hot Valve Leak: Photographs from the Private View

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Press Association, London Riots Revisited: Photography by Lewis Whyld

We are currently  exhibiting a series of photographs by Press Association photographer, Lewis Whyld revisiting the 2011 London riots in all their bold, powerful and harrowing glory. Whyld was one of the first to capture the riots, with his images documenting the events in press publications across the globe. This show brings together the most iconic shots of the riots  as well as some previously unseen work, evoking the full extent of the damage caused.

riots_15photo 2 British riots photo 3 British riots

London Riots Revisited: Photography by Lewis Whyld runs until 10th February at The Strand Gallery.

COMING UP: Hot Valve Leak: Visual Ramblings of Vic Reeves

The Strand Gallery opens its doors to the surreal comedic and artistic genius that is Jim Moir or Vic Reeves (to you and me), with a new exhibition of his eccentric and diverse work.  Reeves transfers his outlandish persona onto the canvas conveying similar Dada-esque qualities as seen in his comedy ventures, whilst evoking the importance of his art as performance.

Performance and art are two fully connected forces for Reeves who states that:  I think putting your imagination on canvas or a television screen is the same thing. If you’ve got an idea you have got to have an outlet for it. So if it’s painting, poetry, singing or acting it all comes out somewhere.

Britain's Got Talent, 11'' tall Ceramics, £2000 ex VAT

Britain’s Got Talent, Ceramics, £2000 ex VAT, front and reverse views.

This sense of imagination and its expression through a multiplicity of creative outputs probably draws closest parallels to notions of Surrealism, which would explain the huge influence artists like Max Ernst and Salvador Dali had on the young Jim Moir and his art. Some of his works might seem more conventional at first glance but on closer inspection they hold strange details, which render them eerie and occasionally sinister despite their humorous slant.  Fellow artists Jake and Dinos Chapman perhaps best express the power of Reeves’ art as being:  able to command our laughter as a purgative, to encourage the viewer to leak at both ends. A good example of which can be seen in Reeves’ Britain’s Got Talent vase, which provides a comic take on the celebrity obsessed culture of today yet also has an ominous feel through staring eyes and faceless figures. The narrative style draws parallels with the work of Grayson Perry, whilst expressing fame in almost religious terms through its imagery.

Reeves commented on the subject: Being a celebrity can hamper, people think that being an artist is my second job. It is in fact my first job. Being famous is a great help because people come to see what you’re up to if you’re well known, on television for doing something else.

Icon, 36 x 48'' Oil on Canvas, £4500 ex VAT

Icon, 36 x 48” Oil on Canvas, £4500 ex VAT

This exhibition outlines both the scope and variety of work that Reeves has produced from spidery drawings and collages reminiscent of Peter Blake to more sustained, large scale paintings and even some forays into the world of ceramics. All of which seems to hint at Reeves’ alternative sense of humour whilst conveying his vast array of talents. His paintings such as Icon appear to take inspiration from Classical artworks  with the strange skeletal creatures around the edges gesturing to religious motifs. Reeves questions this by the application of  almost fluorescent highlights, yet in the process creates a work bringing together his idiosyncrasies, artistic talent and humour in a stunningly mature painting.

Sir Winston Churchill, 12 x 7'' Mixed Media Illustration, £1000 ex VATVictoria, 12 x 7'' Mixed Media Illustration, £1000 ex VAT

Sir Winston Churchill, 12 x 17” Mixed Media Illustration, £1000 ex VAT
Victoria, 12 x 17” Mixed Media Illustration, £1000 ex VAT

His highly original artistic stance is probably best illustrated through the mixed media pieces taken from his published work  ‘Vic Reeves’ Vast Book of World Knowledge’ which use collage and original drawings surrounded by witty and absurd text to give an insight into Reeves’ creative ramblings. His portraits of Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria perfectly satirise these iconic historical figures whilst Reeves’ handwritten text provides an alternative humorous narrative to run along side them.  What seems to connect all these artworks is his preoccupation with the Icon, whether that be the cult of the modern day celebrity or the enduring legacy of historical figures, Reeves takes conventional imagery and alters it through his outlandish personality, to create a truly refreshing vision.

The Strand Gallery is really excited to exhibit the work of this man of many talents, with choice pieces from the varied catalogue of his artistic career. Prepare yourself for a colourful and humorous journey into the creative mind of Vic Reeves where all is not quite as it seems.

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Hot Valve Leak: Visual Ramblings of Vic Reeves will run February 13th-23rd at The Strand Gallery.