The Art-Investor Presents: Seven Artists

The Strand Gallery has teamed up with The Art-Investor to bring you the work of seven emerging talents in the form of Eun youg Choi, Zichao Hou, Mark Michael, Tristan Pigott, Joe Warrior Walker, Raf Zawistowski and Yuewei Vivien Zhang. This collective of international artists have been hand selected by The Art-Investor so be sure to catch these bright young things later on this month.

Zichao Hou - Hidden in Dark

Zichao Hou – Hidden in Dark

Tristan Pigott - Dirty Table

Tristan Pigott – Dirty Table

Raf Zawistowski - Eden #2

Raf Zawistowski – Eden #2

Joe Warrior Walker - Scaffold

Joe Warrior Walker – Scaffold

Seven Artists runs at The Strand Gallery between 19th – 23rd March

Further information on The Art-Investor can be found here.
All images © The Art-Investor.


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