(Re)Fashioning The Gaze Feature: Jennifer Louise Martin

Jennifer Louise Martin is one of the six artists currently represented by Oaktree & Tiger, a company dedicated to promoting young emerging artists. This month her work can be seen at The Strand Gallery in the exhibition (Re)Fashioning The Gaze.

Jennifer Louise Martin

Since studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, Martin’s work – addressing the female psyche and obsessions with physical perfection – has been exhibited internationally in both group and solo shows. Her success really began to excelerate after she won an artist residency in Los Angeles. This culminated in her first solo exhibition, where she gained some famous fans in the form of Samuel L Jackson and Jack Black.

Martin’s has a passion for retro clothing and her work is greatly inspired by fashion imagery. Photographs of fashion models sourced from magazines form the basis of her portraiture. Although she has created pieces using images of stars such as Kate Moss, she tends to work with lesser known figures as she prefers their less distracting anonymity. The fashion world has shown a lot of support for her work and Martin has been featured in several publications, including Office Magazine, Vogue Culture Edit and Dash Magazine.

Martin, in partnership with Oaktree & Tiger, is now bringing her work back to her hometown of London with a solo show of her portraiture. This exhibition invites the audience to question the notion of beauty through the concept of the Gaze.

(Re)Fashioning The Gaze  can be seen at The Strand Gallery between April 22nd – April 27th.


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