COMING UP: Advertising Exhibitions presents Lines

The Strand Gallery welcomes Advertising Exhibitions and their debut show Lines, an exhibition showcasing the work of exciting new artistic talents.

Domestic Industrial by Joanne Barlow

The brainchild of a group of university students eager to forge their careers
within the culture sector, Advertising Exhibitions was founded as a
mutually beneficial initiative for aspiring creatives. The non-profit exhibiting body was founded in May 2012 and The Strand Gallery is proud to host their first public exhibition. Lines focuses on the ‘practice and process’ of an idea and aims to reconceptualise artworks by exhibiting them in relation to other works of varying practices, creating new narratives with one another – drawing a line between them.

Mogshot by Isobel Wood
With over 30 artists on show from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines,
the exhibition seeks to honour each and every one, showcasing
photography, sculpture, illustrations, graphic design, fine art, crafts and
installations. All works will be available to buy and, with a commission-free
policy in place, the sales will wholly benefit the artist. All other proceeds
from the exhibition will be donated to The Prince’s Foundation for Children and
the Arts, in support of their ongoing work to engage disadvantaged children with the arts.

Where Nature & Culture Meet III by Jackie Field

Lines can be seen at The Strand Gallery between 12th- 15th June.


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