COMING UP: RawFormat

The Strand Gallery is pleased to welcome RawFormat, an exhibition of inspiring images from the new generation of photographic talent.

Tokyo by Daisy Ware Jarrett

Daisy Ware Jarrett

RawFormat is a creative collective made up of young photographers and filmmakers from the current graduating year of Coventry University’s Photography Degree Course. Following on from a very successful exhibition in 2012 for the widely renowned open education course #picbod, the group have come together once more to showcase their current exploits and exhibit their most recent work.

Paralympians - Aled Davies by Jack Somerset

Jack Somerset

This exhibition features an exciting collection of projects that explore a wide range of contemporary issues and diverse themes. The work featured ranges from stills to films, and includes documentary and personal projects as well as fine art photography.

Hazel Steel

Hazel Steel

RawFormat can be seen at The Strand Gallery between 17th – 26th June.


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