Like our previous featured artist, Sean Carroll is a photographer involved with the current Raw Format exhibition here at The Strand Gallery.

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Through his works, Sean is looking to investigate the social world through documentation, while considering ideas of authenticity within a social media environment. He’s interested in communication, the idea of community and how people are adapting their lifestyles to the new technologies around them. Through this exploration he wants to tell stories.

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

This particular story being told is of Sean and his father, on a journey together to locations where previous family photos had been taken. Alongside these individual prints, a film was also produced. The choice of using film and producing a single edition of prints relates to the unique experience of the artefact, while producing a photo film will use the benefits of the fluid distribution tools available in the online world. This gives the audience two separate experiences of the work.

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

This piece is incredibly complex – at the same time introspective and reflective, with a real emphasis on the nostalgia of this family history. The emotive photographs are mirrored in the accompanying film, which gives the work a whole new level of depth, and is one to definitely be experienced.

The final video, Back to Betws, can be seen below:

will be on at The Strand Gallery until June 22nd.

Further examples of Sean’s work can be seen on his website.


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