As the team from Blackpool get their show ready for the grand opening tomorrow, we want to start introducing you to a handful of their exhibited artists. Starting with photographer with a twist, Kezia Tan.

Kezia Tan

Kezia Tan

This piece, within a series titled ‘The In-between’, is a manipulated portrait exploring themes of identity, transition, and reconstruction. Through her handcrafted manipulations, Kezia is investigating ideas of identity loss within the larger picture of society. How within the world one is always at risk of being lost in a sea of people, and how leaving elements of yourself within the world can lead to a chain of disrupting and reconstructing one’s identity.

Kezia Tan

Kezia Tan

On the series, Tan states:
“This body of work is an inadvertent cathartic piece, exploring the individuality of identity and unintentional conforming towards the expectations of society. Through the development, a troubling thought evolved from within, about my own identity. Whilst staying loyal to the original reasoning, my transition from schooling to adulthood has arisen upon me, the realisation that I am to become a small fish in a world sized pond, I fear my own identity is to become insignificant. Through my hand crafted aesthetic approach I leave behind a piece of myself; fingerprints on the surface, my DNA on the thread, as I destruct and reconstruct to create a new identity for each person, but mostly for myself.”

Kezia’s work can be seen alongside many others at The Strand Gallery between the 25th and 29th of June.

More examples of Kezia’s work can be seen on her website.


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