ARTIST PROFILE: Samantha Applegate

Third in our series of Peer artist profiles is photographer Samantha Applegate. Like our two previous featured photographers, Samantha encompasses aesthetic elements within her work that add entire dimensions to the pieces. This series, Elements, uses photographs of natural elements while applying actual elements onto film, creating surreal, beautiful images.

Samantha Applegate

Samantha Applegate

“The location within each of my elements aim to represent one of each of the elements, showing them in their natural source. By adding the actual element to each image myself shows exactly how humans use these elements to their own advantage. This is why one of my images for each element has the presence of a human, to represent our link with the elements. Images portraying only landscapes aim to show how sometimes humans cannot control the elements, be it tsunamis, tornados, forest fires and so on, showing the power the elements have.”

Samantha Applegate

Samantha Applegate

Samantha’s work can be seen as part of the current exhibition, Peer, on show at The Strand Gallery from the 25th to the 29th of June.

Further examples of Samantha’s work can be seen here.


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