With the monumental success of our current show, Peer, at The Strand Gallery, we can’t wait to share with you all even more in-depth features on the artists exhibited. Today’s artist profile is on Alice Dennehy, whose seemingly minimal architectural photography actually speaks volumes.

Alice Dennehy

Alice Dennehy

This series of work looks at buildings that appear to be unwelcoming, they stand timelessly and undamaged yet nobody really takes notice of them. It focuses on the shadows being cast on these places, the shadows represent the brooding bad natured negative aspects of the character and the light is the positive aspects and charm of the subject matter. This follows the seemingly contradictorily rule that you cant have one without the other. Positive without negative, good without evil and shadow without light. This relates back to what makes up ones personality, using both positive and negative aspects of your life to build up your individual character.

Alice Dennehy

Alice Dennehy

Removing the shadows and leaving a harsh emptiness draws attention to how the two factors work together showing a distinct divide between light and dark. When one is removed you notice its presence and importance. What we have left is a stark representation of architecture in its most bare form, stripped back to the most inherent layers of light and dark. Here, Dennehy is exploring the ancient realm of Chiaroscuro, almost reimagining it in her own modern terms.

Alice Dennehy

Alice Dennehy

Alice’s work can be seen as part of our current exhibition, Peer, at The Strand Gallery from the 25th to the 29th of June.

Further examples of Alice’s work can be seen here.


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