Today is the last day of Peer here at The Strand Gallery, and we couldn’t think of anything worse than letting them leave without one final artist profile! Like some of the other artists involved in the show, Jess Firth’s work incorporates photo manipulation to add layers of complexity and depth to her final outcomes.

Jess Firth

Jess Firth

As Jess says: “Anonymity looks at the relationship between identity and portraiture, as well as being an expression of the way I myself look at both my own identity as well as others’. I have looked into ways of concealing identity with identity, with an aim to explore the complexity of the human in a way not often recognised. The images are comprised of graphic fingerprint cut-outs over the top of simplistic, passport-style portraits.”

Jess Firth

Jess Firth

What the viewer is left with is a perplexing view into the ever-troubling theme of identity, and ultimately emotion. How we associate ourselves with ourselves. Anonymity is a a tricky concept to live with, especially in times as digitally-orientated as these. What Jess is doing is making the audience really face up to ideas of anonymity and personal representation in a way that is relatively simple, but oh so effective.

Jess Firth

Jess Firth

Jess’ work can be seen as part of the current exhibition, Peer, at The Strand Gallery between then 25th and 29th of June.

Further examples of Jess’ work can be seen here.


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