Faces Around Westminster

To coincide with John Stewart Farrier’s Voices from Westminster here at The Strand Gallery, we have put together a mini-exhibition in our Print Sales Room. This mini-show has been put together from Proud’s permanent collection as a means of complementing yet questioning the works surrounding them.

Dorothy Bohm

Dorothy Bohm

Taking on Farrier’s political stance from within the walls of Parliament, this mini show is focusing on the broader spectrum of the city’s social stance around the Westminster area.

Ken Russell

Ken Russell

Calling on images from classic London settings, we are exploring a similar candid style that Farrier shows throughout Voices from Westminster, while maintaining a contrasting view of subject matter.

Dorothy Bohm

Dorothy Bohm

These classic London prints will be on show in our Print Sales Room for the duration of the accompanying exhibition. The images chosen focus on the broader spectrum of the public surroundings of Westminster, contrasted with the private interiors of Farrier’s images.

Ken Russell

Ken Russell

All images © Dorothy Bohm and © Ken Russell

Voices from Westminster can be seen at the Strand Gallery until 13th July.


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