COMING UP: Border Collective

A group of ten Photography BA (Hons) students from Hereford College of Arts are set to exhibit their final year work at The Strand Gallery between the 16th – 21st July.

Coralie Datta

Coralie Datta

Their collective practice shows a diverse variety of work, reflective of photography today, from graphic, constructed intervention to more traditional forms of documentary photography and studio work. The variety not only reflects the diversity of current photographic practice, but also demonstrates the diversity of practice that is encouraged through the degree programme at Hereford College of Arts.

Ollie Lewis

“As aspiring artists and photographic professionals there is nothing better and simultaneously more nerve racking than putting on an exhibition in a Gallery,” said Alex Thimm, Course Leader of BA (Hons) Photography at Hereford College of Arts.

Jayne Worthington

Jayne Worthington

In a world where photographic images are increasingly placed and consumed on a screen, the gallery wall continues to create a unique and valuable challenge. To be seen, to be recognised, to be judged. To place their work at the mercy of the gallery visitor, especially in a cosmopolitan area such as London, shows the ambition and determination that young artists require these days to make their mark.

At Hereford College of Arts, we support the aspirations of talented students and hope to support them well after their studies with us.”

Joseph Horton

Joseph Horton

“At this early stage in our careers, the supportive and encouraging environment of the college and the staff is invaluable,” said Jayne Worthington. “We are really excited about embracing this opportunity and the hard work it involves!”

Sarah Marty

Sarah Marty

Hereford College of Art’s Border Collective will be on show at The Strand Gallery between the 16th and 21st July.

For more information about the exhibition, you can visit The Border Collective Blog.


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