As we officially open our doors to Border Collective, we want to introduce you to one of the exhibited artists, Joseph Horton, through a little Q&A session. We hope you find it as informative as we did!

Joseph Horton

Joseph Horton

Hi Joseph! So first off, who are your artistic inspirations?

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, Edward Hopper.

Is there a specific message you intend to convey in your work? Are there any themes?

My work usually expresses a thought or an idea I have been deciphering in my head. It can involve people and their ideologies, my own idea towards an inevitability, or well-known philosophical and sociological problems. For me, my photographs are the equivalent to a mathematicians workings-out.

Joseph Horton

Joseph Horton

Do you have any specific photographic methods?

I work a lot at the moment with film as I feel it aids my work and the Romanticism I have attached to the medium.

Do you have any specific patterns or routines you use in your work?

Not really, my work fluctuates between interests and ideas and so ranges in subject a lot. However I feel there is always a hint of Romanticism throughout, as I like to create some narrative in my work. I also work a lot in square format but as my project ideas are developing I believe I’ll start to work 6×7 as well.

Joseph Horton

Joseph Horton

Do you have a favourite photograph you have captured?

Probably an image I did for the John Haider Building series. It’s a step in the direction that I’m becoming more and more interested in which is photographing people, the way they live and the ideologies they live by.

Joseph Horton - John Haider Building

Joseph Horton – John Haider Building

And finally, what’s next for you in the future? Any pending projects you can tell us about?

I have two portrait documentary projects I want to complete over the coming year while I move to continue my studies at London Westminster. However I don’t want to disclose much more as I’m still working on what I want them to portray.

Joseph Horton

Joseph Horton

All images © Joseph Horton.

Border Collective will be exhibiting their work at The Strand Gallery from 16th – 21st July.

Further examples of Joseph’s work can be seen here.


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