Our next Artist Profile from Border Collective falls on Oliver Lewis. We asked Ollie the same questions we asked Joseph on Wednesday to note the differing artistic patterns that occur within the same artistic collective. Here goes!

Ollie Lewis

Ollie Lewis

Who are your artistic inspirations?

Being a photographer that specialises in photomontage and constructed image I often find inspiration from the work of John Goto and Peter Kennard. I feel that they are the two of the leading names in modern photomontage. Anyone with interest in working with constructed image would do well to take note of these two names and styles of art.

Is there a specific message you intend to convey in your work? Are there any themes

It is important to incorporate a degree of communication in your work, I often do this by constructing my work to question the viewers relationship with the themes, this level of communication is most evident in my work, Throw-Away Society (T.A.S) and T.A.S pt2.

Consideration for the environment is at the heart of my practice, addressing the crucial choice between modern developments and the preservation of the natural world. I work under the assumption that man’s hand in the degradation and despoiling of the environment is unavoidable in the modern world, but how collectively it is down to man to reduce the lasting effects caused by everyday life.

Ollie Lewis

Ollie Lewis

Do you have any specific artistic/photographic methods? Are there any subjects you particularly enjoy documenting?

My work is primarily with constructed images, with this I aim to combine an informed opinion with, visual truths and statistics to produce work that holds the potential to question, inform and influence.

Do you have any specific patterns or routines you use in your work?

Being a very visual person I can only learn so much from academic resources, for this reason my work with constructed image often originates from street and documentary photography taken with the potential for further use in photomontage.

Ollie Lewis

Ollie Lewis

Do you have a favourite piece you have created?

My favorite piece of work I have created is my panorama from throw-away society pt1 the reasons for this are largely down to the time involved in producing this piece, it is created from 27 digital photographs 6 to create the panoramic background and the reaming 21 images of generic everyday activities used as a representation of the objects we often take for granted, taken under natural light in thier natural environment then joined in Photoshop.

What’s next for you in the future? Do you have any pending projects?

I have multiple pending projects including, work in progress Throw-Away Society Pt. 3 shelf life. (T.A.S)  Pt. 3 will question whether the products on our shelves are really made to last and whether they are destine for the landfill before they leave the production line.  There is also the potential for a second in the series Game of Power. Game of power – next gen, this will look closer at the future of energy consumption, and the key players involved.

Ollie Lewis - T.A.S pt 1

Ollie Lewis – T.A.S pt 1

Ollie’s work can be seen as part of Border Collective at The Strand Gallery between 16th – 21st July.

Further examples of Ollie’s work can be seen here.


One response to “ARTIST PROFILE: Oliver Lewis

  1. Wonderful interview with Oliver Lewis. Its interesting to see how he conveys his thoughts on sustainability in his art.

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