We are pleased to announce the opening of the next in our series of photography degree shows here at The Strand Gallery. The show Brink is brought to us from Plymouth University’s BA Photography Graduates. Demonstrating an array of individual styles and technique, the themes exhibited range from self-representation to documentary. This exhibition will highlight the diverse nature of each student as well as the degree programme itself.

Oliver Prowse

Oliver Prowse

Inspiration for each photograph comes from the everyday ordinary to the extra-ordinary. In the work of Oliver Prowse, we see elements of Surrealist photography with its shadowed tones and selective cropping.

Laurie Crayston

Laurie Crayston

Similar artistic choices and techniques are seen in the work of Laurie Crayston. A sombre yet serene landscape captivates the viewer with its intense atmosphere and composition. This is characteristic to the Plymouth graduate’s work and their powerful imagery.

Nicole Hains

Nicole Hains

In Nicole Hains’ work we see an exploration of photographic technique. Image layering and manipulation culminates into a collage like effect. This demonstrates one of several creative experimentations and styles on display.

Plymouth University’s Brink will be on show at The Strand Gallery from 5th – 11th August 2013

Visit Brink for a deeper look into the work shown and for further previews of their upcoming exhibition.

Written by Alexandra Hale


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