With our current graduate show Brink well underway, we focus on our third featured photographer Rosie Kliskey. Showcasing images reminiscent of Nan Goldin’s voyeuristic style, we ask Rosie about her inspirations and techniques that led to the creation of her final pieces on display.

We Don't Have To Act Like This

We Don’t Have To Act Like This

Are there any particular photographers who have influenced your project?

There are multiple influences in my work; one being photographer Paul Graham and his publication ‘End of An Age’, encompassing the visuals of youth culture . Further inspiration comes from Wolfgang Tillmans, William Eggleston and the ‘Lovers’ series by photographer Weegee. Collectively, these have had a significant impact on the way I think, create work and see the world through a camera.

What photographic techniques did you use to achieve your desired effects?

For this particular project, I used a compact camera with a harsh flash. I felt this simple method of photography would allow me to mingle in crowd, disguising my process of observing individuals. I thought if I were to use a digital SLR for example, it is more likely the subjects would play up to the camera. Instead, I was able to document the crowds while they were oblivious to my working.

Are there any messages you intended to convey in your work?

It is not so much as a specific message, but rather I am attempting to comment on contemporary youth and the changes in behaviour that occur once the lights go out- when alcohol is consumed. Although some of my images document activities that could be deemed as unbecoming, I look objectively. I am merely observing and recording, not passing  judgement. I attempt to ask questions on social behaviour through my work, intriguing people while making them see the ordinary through a fresh lens.

Do you have any pending photographic projects lined up?

I am currently working on a collaborative project with a fellow graduate Samantha Twitchett. I am also engaging in an investigation into my home town of Pezance, studying the underbelly of an acclaimed touristic destination.

Rosie’s collection ‘We Don’t Have To Act Like This’ can be seen as part of ‘Brink’, on show at The Strand Gallery from the 6th – 10th August.

For a more extensive view of Rosie Kliskey’s work, visit her website here.


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