SPOTLIGHT: Akira Isogawa

With London Fashion Week only a few weeks away, our Fashion Designer in Residence, Korlekie, is getting ready for her SS14 ‘Ophelia‘ show, on display here at The Strand Gallery in September.

To coincide with the exhibition, as well as this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival, this next spotlight looks at fashion inspired by the multi-cultural world.

Fashion designer Akira Isogawa achieved international success through a unique aesthetic that blends together his Japanese heritage with the influence of the modernity of Sydney,  Australia. Such fusion has allowed for Isogawa to create delicate yet powerful clothing, standing out on the contemporary international runways.

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Australia, SS12/13

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Australia, SS12/13

Akira Isogawa was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1965 and had an appreciation for fashion from a young age. Yet,  it wasn’t until he emigrated to Australia at the age of 21, that his interest manifested into an experimentation of textile manipluation. Travelling back and forth between his native country and his new home, Isogawa used Japanese fabrics, familiar to him as a youngster, and applied them onto his Western designs. This preceded the characteristic style he would later unleash onto the fashion world.

Inspired by Japanese Kimonos, Geisha clogs and traditional woodblock printing, Isogawa’s designs encompass intricate Asian beauty and elegance. The creative mix of embroidery, origami folds and vibrant colours define his style and show the hand-worked delicacy of his collections. The designs are classic, simple forms, that are manifested into modern shapes to create a contemporary look.

2009 Spring Collection

Spring 2009 Collection

Since the 1993 opening of the designer’s first boutique in Sydney, success and appreciation for Isogawa has been plentiful. In 1999, he won the  Designer of the Year award and has since undertaken numerous projects in fashion and the arts. With his currently Spring 2013 collections on display internationally, and as multi-culural fashion becomes increasingly popular, Isogawa continues to cement his position at the forefront of Australian and international creativity.

Stay tuned for our upcoming show ‘Ophelia‘ by Korlekie, who will showcase her Afro-Inspired designs in the SS14 collection, showing at The Strand Gallery from 11th – 15th September.

All images copyright © of Akira Isogawa.

Written by Alexandra Hale.


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