As the summer months draw to a close, The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce its next exhibition: XXXIX by Croatian artist Maja Vrzina. This is her first solo exhibition, celebrating 39 years of life, existence, turmoil and triumph through an anthology of rich painting and sculpture.

“For me, life has always been about extremes. I have known great pain, fear and loss and also experienced joy, love and ecstasy. Life is a constant struggle between opposing forces.” M.V.

Having lived through Croatia’s civil war and political unrest, Maja comes to terms with vast trauma through her visual creativity. The dark subject matter is depicted through a powerful monochrome palette. This use of black ink and acrylic on white canvas achieves a sense of balance, that reflects the contrasting emotions of personal struggle.

All of Maja’s works are placed in hand-gilded frames that add a further theatricality. This delicate technique that dates back to ancient Egyptian craft, accentuates the powerful and moving sentiments of the work. Maja explains, “It has been an emotional and at times painful journey but it has brought me some sense of peace, understanding and acceptance.” //

XXXIX Poster A2


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