SPOTLIGHT: Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

This weeks spotlight falls on fine art photographer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo and his collection ‘Levitation’.  Schiavo was born in Italy in 1986 and developed an interest in photography from an early age. He later studied Architecture at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, constantly exploring surrealistic shapes and structures.


Levitation- Parthenon by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

His photographs depict his surrealist visions that push the boundaries of the real, with inspiration deriving from the Surrealist and the Avant-Garde movements, specifically artists such as Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp. Schiavo’s works are not concerned with reality or the ordinary; instead, they illustrate the possibilities of the imagination in a dream like world.


Levitation-Colosseum by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

His collection ‘Levitation’, which is influenced by Surrealist painter Rene Magritte,  features well known architectural monuments from around the world such as the Parthenon, the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower, floating on rocks above sea level. These black and white photographs do not seem to belong in a specific time frame; instead, past and present overlap through surrealistic possibility.


Levitation- Tour Eiffel by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Rene Magritte’s influence on Giuseppe’s collection is reflected in the act of levitation which is also seen in Magritte’s painting Les Deux Mysteres. The combination of the impossible and the real in Schiavo’s photographs expose the world of the unconscious, the dream as well as the freedom of imagination.


Levitation- Taj Mahal by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo has exhibited his works in galleries around the world, including the Saatchi Gallery in London and the Mixerart Gallery in Istanbul.

For more information on this artist, visit his website.


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