PREVIEW: “The Writing is on the Wall” by Horace Panter

Horace Panter - Detail

Horace Panter – Detail

The Strand Gallery is excited to welcome back Horace Panter for the upcoming November exhibition: “The Writing is on the Wall”  sponsored by Sheaffer, who in conjunction are celebrating their 100th Anniversary. Horace Panter’s first public exhibition was held at the Strand Gallery in the winter of 2011 and was followed by two years of successful group and solo displays in the UK and Singapore.

Horace Panter was born in Surrey in 1953 and studied Fine Art at the Coventry’s Lanchester Polytechnic in 1975. He is widely known as the bassist of the world renowned band The Specials and throughout his career as a musician has toured all over the world. During his travels he had the opportunity to visit many of his favorite museums and art galleries, collecting art books and photographs that later on became his source of inspiration for most of his work.

“The Writing is on the Wall”, is mostly inspired by his time studying at Art School. In this exhibition Horace Panter explores the relationship of painting and writing, combining ink as well as paint and collage. By introducing writing to his paintings, Panter aims to explore themes of contemporary iconography in relation to traditional ideas.

“The Writing is on the Wall” by Horace Panter will be open to the public at The Strand Gallery from 5th-11th November. Stay tuned for more information.

Further examples of Horace’s work can be seen here.


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