To coincide with our current exhibition, ‘Gayzed’, we are looking into artists from the Gay Photography Network. Today’s Artist Profile falls on photographer Rustom Mehta who grew up in Mumbai and developed an early interest in photography. He now lives in London and has gained a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Styling & Photography from the London College of Fashion, one of the most prestigious institutes worldwide.  He recently began his Masters in Fashion Photography and his work has previously been exhibited as part of the FdA Fashion and Styling degree show at the Victoria House.


Rustom’s photography is mainly inspired by fashion and the use of shapes and motion. Some of his reoccurring themes are duality, the voyage and the hyper real, and eccentric elements of his work are present in all of the concepts that he likes to experiment with. In his colourful and vibrant photographs, Rustom uses light and shade to emphasize his stylistic brush strokes and details within his geometrical motives.


David Bailey, Rankin, Martin Munkancsi and Robert Mapplethorpe are some of the photographers to whom Rustom looks for inspiration. Their impact on his work is not only seen in his black and white photographs that emphasize on contrast between skin and fabric, but also in the way he experiments with form and angle.


Rustom’s authenticity both as a stylist and photographer creates a photographic space in which he is able to explore concepts that succeed in pushing the boundaries of the ordinary and evoke a variety of different reactions. Rustom is one of the featuring artists of our current exhibition ‘Gayzed’ by the Gay Photography Network, on display at the gallery until the 20th of October.

For more information on this artist, visit his website here.

All images  ©  Rustom Mehta Photography


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