INTERVIEW: Michele Martinoli

Next in our series of artist interviews from the Gay Photographer’s Network Exhibition ‘Gayzed’ is Michele Martinoli. Michele is the only female member of the group and we had a chat with her about her intense photographic portraiture.

Zen by Michele Martinoli

Zen by Michele Martinoli

Hello Michele! Tell us a little more about when you first joined the Gay Photographer’s Network and what drew you to the organisation?

I joined the GPN two years ago and what attracted me specifically to it was the possibility to exhibit alongside other photographers. I am currently the only woman in the group.

Are there any particular subjects you are interested in and how do you explore them in your work?

My photographic interest resides solely on people, their interaction with the world around them and essentially how they want to be portrayed. I try to find the inner soul of my sitters, a portrait that is intrinsically ‘them’.

The Old Man and The Hair by Michele Martinoli

The Old Man and The Hair by Michele Martinoli

Where does your inspiration derive from? Are there any photographers or artists that have particularly influenced your work?

My inspiration derives from many sources, from Norman Parkinson to Herb Rittz, via Robert Mapplethorpe, Dianora Niccolini, Anderson & Low, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Pierre & Gilles, the list gets longer everyday.

Are there any specific techniques you use when photographing? How would you describe your personal style?

Most of my work is now digital and studio based. My lighting is the crucial part and now photoshop does allow me to intensify my objectives. My personal style is quite bold.

Josh by Michele Martinoli

Josh by Michele Martinoli

Any projects planned for the future?

Yes I have a project in the making, studying the life of gay women in their 80’s, how they lived with their sexuality all those years ago, politically and socially.

All images © Michele Martinoli.

‘Gayzed’ will be on show at The Strand Gallery from 15th – 20th October.


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