ARTIST PROFILE: Cliff Docherty

As the week of ‘Gayzed’ is coming to an end, we are focusing on one of the current exhibiting artists, Cliff Docherty. He is a London based, self taught photographer who likes to combine his interests of photography and travelling. Docherty’s pictures are taken in his travels around the UK, Belgium and Portugal.


His images witness the unexpected scenes that are encountered when travelling and visiting new places. Docherty draws inspiration from the timelessness of postcards and their differentiation from everyday reality.  His photographs mainly explore the contrasting elements that exist within his landscapes. Colour and light become his means to produce his topographic images that can arguably be seen as a photographic journal that narrates his journeys and adventures.


Cliff Docherty is one of the current featuring artists for the ‘Gayzed’ exhibition by the Gay Photography Network. ‘Gayzed’ will be on display at the Strand Gallery until the 20th of October.

For more information on this artist, visit his website here.


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