INTERVIEW: Adam Heasman

Our current exhibition, ‘Gayzed’, has generated some fantastic online content from some incredibly talented photographers. Today we get a deeper insight into one of the exhibited artists and his process through another Q&A session. Todays subject is photographer Adam Heasman.

Adam Heasman

Adam Heasman

Hi Adam! Firstly, when did you become a member of the GPN and what drew you to the organisation?

I joined about a year ago, I can’t remember exactly how I found the Facebook group but I liked the images being shown and wanted to find out more about them. I went along to their monthly meeting and was very impressed at the level of passion shown and the great levels of variations in work. Alot of the local groups I would go along to were very set in their ways, didn’t like anything they hadn’t seen before, which for me was no good. I want to be part of a group that are striving for something different, and the great thing about this group of guys is that they are all still individuals who get together to get feedback rather than just trying to out do or impress each other.

Are there any particular subjects you are interested in, and how do you explore them in your work?

I am very into movies so when I go to shoot anything I think of it trying to capture a still from a film as opposed to being a single frame. I am also very influenced by horror and the macabre so my work will often be quite a dark representation of what I consider reality. I want people to find the beauty that I see in the shadows.

Adam Heasman

Adam Heasman

Where does your inspiration derive from? Are there any photographers or artists that have particularly influenced your work?

I guess Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton are going to be my two biggest influences. Each of them being extremely able to express their own POV’s in such a way that their styles are now synonymous with their names. As for photographers there is of course alot of work I like, but I am mostly influenced by the  people I meet in real life. I aspire to be as well received as fellow GPN member Manel Ortega whose work always leaves me in awe.

Are there any specific techniques you use when photographing? How would you describe your personal style?

My style is, as I’ve already said, quite dark and brooding. I don’t want to just be another photographer of pretty things that spends all his time with perfect models making images for the cover of magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I would relish the opportunity to show what I can do on a large scale but I feel my work would always look best on the walls of a gallery where the story can be told in a much cleaner and personal environment.

Adam Heasman

Adam Heasman

Have you got any future projects planned?

I want to go back to doing portraits as I have been busy doing other projects so my next big project which I have titled “The Skin I Own” will be looking at body modification and self harming in a series of photos which will hopefully express the idea that for some of us to be comfortable in our own skin, we have to change it.

Adam Heasman

Adam Heasman

All images © Adam Heasman.

Adam’s work can be seen as part of ‘Gayzed’ here at The Strand Gallery until October 20th.

Keep updated with Adam’s artistic ventures through his Twitter @tooapenny and his Facebook.


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