INTERVIEW: Chris Gunton

Chris Gunton is one of our current exhibiting artists of the ‘Gayzed’ exhibition by the Gay Photographers Network, here at the Strand gallery. His photographs use light and colour to uncover perceptions of the human body in an intimate way.


When did you become a member of the GPN and what drew you to the organisation?  

I have been a member of the GPN for more than a year now. I was looking for a group with similar interests in photography and to meet people that I can exchange ideas with.

Are there any particular themes and concepts you are interested in and how do you explore them in your work?

I mainly like to explore the male nude. Light and shadow are very important aspects in reveling the sensual elements of the human form within my work.  I am also interested in Architecture and to experiment with different angles.

Yesterday's Room

Where does your inspiration derive from? Are there any artists that have particularly influenced your work?

My inspiration mainly comes from a fascination with light, shade and shapes.
I also like to produce black and white  images influenced by the work of Cartier
Bresson, Mapplethorpe and David Bailey.

Are there any specific techniques that you use when photographing? How would you describe your personal style? 

I like to work without to much planning and also prefer to photograph the moment than a pre planned scenario. My style is personal intimate, trying to reveal what isn’t obvious.


Have you got any future projects planned?

I am currently working on a book and more upcoming exhibitions.

For more information on Chris Gunton’s photography and news visit his blog here.

All images © Chris Gunton.


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