INTERVIEW: Tom Gifford

Today we are looking at Tom Gifford, an aspiring photographer and member of the London Independent Photography network. We asked him some questions to learn more about his work. Have a read!


Tom Gifford

When did you first come across London Independent Photography and what drew you to the organisation?

 I found LIP through their group on Flickr. Initially I was really taken with their events programme. The talks are fascinating and inspirational and they’ve featured a great range of high-calibre artists.

Reflecting on your journey as a photographer, how did your interest develop?

 I studied art originally, but never really got into photography at the time. Then back in 2009 I bought a vintage film camera  on impulse and it just felt right. Since then it’s grown into a bit of an obsession and I haven’t looked back.


Tom Gifford

Who inspires you artistically?

I try and devour as much work as possible and I’m very influenced by what I see on Flickr. I’m also a big fan of Saul Leiter, Alex Webb, Josef Koudelka, Chris Killip, Tony Ray-Jones and loads of others ­ sadly I’m not sure any of this is apparent in my own efforts!

What themes and concepts do you like to explore and how is your work distinctive? Do you have any favourite locations or techniques?

I think it would be over-egging it to say that my work has a theme as such. I basically go for a wander each lunchtime and explore the local area of Bermondsey and Southwark. I enjoy the challenge of finding and making new images in the same area each day. It fascinates me that you can walk the exact same streets every time again and again and yet still find elements that surprise. I enjoy heading out each time without any expectation of what I’ll find or an idea of what I’m looking for.

Tom Gifford

Do you have any future projects planned?

I’m not really thinking in terms of projects at the moment, I’m just trying to take as many photos as I can and hope I get lucky!

Tom’s work can be seen as part of the 24th Annual Exhibition by the London Independent Photography, until the 3rd of November.

For more information on this artist visit his website here.

All images © Tom Gifford


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