INTERVIEW: Mike Cookson

London Independent Photography’s exhibition is officially open! To get more of a personal insight into the organisation here’s another Q&A with one of their photographers, Mike Cookson.

When did you first come across London Independent Photography and what drew you to the organisation?

I first came across many many years ago during an organised photo walk along the Thames.  This was in the days before digital and photo walks were not as common as they are now!  I was attracted to the independent nature of the group – people committed to their vision and not slavishly following received ‘rules’ for good photographs.

Reflecting on your journey as a photographer, how did your interest develop?

I started in the school darkroom aged 11 and have been photographing ever since. Various courses both in the UK and overseas have helped me develop artistically.

Mike Cookson

Mike Cookson

Who inspires you artistically?

Robert Adams and John Davies to name two quite different photographers!

What themes and concepts do you like to explore and how is your work distinctive? Do you have any favourite locations or techniques?

I like to explore places in a state of transition – often those that have been abandoned and left to steadily decay.  My favoured locations are Greenwich and Dungeness in Kent.

Mike Cookson

Mike Cookson

Do you have any future projects planned?

I’m working on a project exploring the decline and redevelopment of the Greenwich Peninsula.

Mike Cookson

Mike Cookson

All images © Mike Cookson.

Mike’s work can be seen as part of LIP’s Annual Exhibition here at The Strand Gallery until November 3rd.


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