INTERVIEW: Gerry McCulloch

LIP’s 25th Annual Exhibition has been a huge success so far, generating some great responses from the public. Have a read of another interview we did with one of the memebers of the organisation, Gerry McCulloch.

When did you first come across London Independent Photography and what drew you to the organisation?

I heard about London Independent Photography only a few months ago from an artist friend and was drawn to LIP because of the impressively diverse range of work being produced by participants.

Reflecting on your journey as a photographer, how did your interest develop?

I came relatively late to photography. I became hooked at the age of 25 and found work almost straight away. However, all my ensuing career opportunities were in cinematography and film. In the last 5 years I have returned home to stills.

Gerry McCulloch

Gerry McCulloch

Who inspires you artistically?

Duane Michals, Harry Gruyeart, Saul Leiter, Mattheu Ricard, Odillon Redon.

What themes and concepts do you like to explore and how is your work distinctive? Do you have any favourite locations or techniques?

My current project is called Isolates of Valid Perception. The project explores subjective relationships between consciousness and its appearing objects.

Within the context of the project, an isolate is loosely posited as a pictorial or sequential element. However, entire picture systems and indeed collections of pictures can function as isolates. Each isolate is encoded with subliminal sensory cues. Mundane isolates mirror transcendent isolates and vice-versa.

Isolates ripen individually and collectively in the mindstream, but only if a trace of the isolate endures – uncontaminated by discursive elaboration in the perceptual continuum.

The sequence of . . .
a. Meeting the isolate in open presence
b. Sustaining the primacy of perceptual contact while c. Suspending the desire to conceptualise as clarity persists . . . is important, because the isolate dissolves when discernment is attempted through the lens of a pre-configured paradigm.

Gerry McCulloch

Gerry McCulloch

Do you have any future projects planned?

My current project will take 5 years to complete. It culminates in an exhibition in Bhutan in 2018.

Gerry McCulloch

Gerry McCulloch

All images © Gerry McCulloch.

Gerry’s work can be seen as part of LIP’s Annual Exhibition here at The Strand Gallery until November 3rd.


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