SPOTLIGHT: Leanne Surfleet

As the gallery starts to wind down its current exhibition from the team at London Independent Photography, we in the offices start to branch our creative net back out to the world. Today’s Spotlight feature falls on Leanne Surfleet, a UK based fine art photographer whose work challenges concepts of identity and memory in a confessional manner and approach.


Leanne has received a National Diploma in Photography as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Lens Media and has recently exhibited in London and Milan. She has also been featured in magazines internationally and is the Photography Editor of the website No Culture Icons.


Leanne mainly works with analog and instant cameras and her self-portraits uncover the vulnerability and innocence of her melancholic pictures. Her work is personal, adding to the authenticity of its conceptual and emotional weight, which is also seen in the familiarity and plurality that her diary-like pictures reflect.


Time is represented by light in Leanne’s work as the impenetrable component of life and yet in contrast to the conception of photography as a memory, as time captured in a piece of paper. Furthermore, she experiments with mirrors that relate to her ongoing themes of the self and the individual as well as symbolises perception and identification.


For more information on Leanne and her work, visit her website here.

All images are © Leanne Surfleet


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