SPOTLIGHT: Annie Vought

As our current exhibition ‘The Writing is on the Wall’ by Horace Panter opens to the public today, we are looking at other artists that also explore writing in their work. Today’s spotlight feature falls on Annie Vought, who is mainly involved with typography and word cut-outs. Her work is concerned with the ups and downs of human communication, the everyday correspondence that sometimes conveys aspects of truth and other times conceals secrets or includes subtexts and hidden connotations but always portrays the state of human weaknesses and imperfections.


Annie Vought

Her main source of inspiration is also her means for her works as she works on the written texts of correspondence on large paper. When she finishes she goes through the text cutting out the negative space around and within the letters. The result is a fragile sculptural word cut out that can also be seen as a portrait of the person that has written it. Arguably text can define its author in the moment it was written, but can also work as a mirror for the reader at any certain time.


Annie Vought

Annie doesn’t portray the meaning of her works right away but prefers to let the viewer read and examine her work carefully in order to generate meaning. The writing is always confessional and personal, which makes her art engaging to a wider audience. While the viewer is free to translate the works in their own unique way, the text gains elements of plurality and universality.

Find out more about Annie Vought by visiting her website here.

All images © Annie Vought.


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