The whole team at the gallery are very excited about our current exhibition ‘The Writing is on the Wall’ by Horace Panter, sponsored by Sheaffer who in conjunction are celebrating their 100th Anniversary.

SF_Centenial_Logo_wh_print_blk_bkgrdSheaffer is a pen company that first started in 1913 with only just seven employees. Over the years Sheaffer saw enormous growth, has left it’s mark on the writing instrument industry and continues to adapt and offer it’s customers innovating quality products. Read through our exclusive interview to learn more about Sheaffer, their thoughts on Horace Panter and their future.

This exhibition marks Sheaffer’s 100th Birthday, can you tell us a little bit about the company’s history?

 The W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company was incorporated in Fort Madison, Iowa, USA on May 16, 1913. The company’s founder and president, Walter A. Sheaffer, was a humble gentleman who formed an idea, staked his life savings and against all odds created one of the most highly-respected and honored organizations around the world, making his namesake company a worldwide symbol of quality, craftsmanship and innovation over the next 100 years.


 Do you have a favourite painting of Horace’s from the exhibition?

 Of course our favorite is the commission piece, but it’s hard to choose just one, to be honest.  We also love Horace’s painting of Amy Winehouse which is just beautiful, The Clash piece, Silver Robot, and Charlie Parker from the “Chicago Blues” collection to name but a few!


Detail © Horace Panter

What does the future hold for Sheaffer?

Sheaffer is proud to have made its mark in an industry that has changed so much over the past century – the company has adapted throughout the decades, ensuring that the Sheaffer brand and its products are still desired and relevant in 2013.

For example, technological advancements continue to change the way people write and communicate, and as such, Sheaffer recently introduced a ballpoint-stylus to work with capacitive touchscreens as well as a tablet holder within its leather collection.

Looking forward, Sheaffer will continue to adapt to the rapidly-shifting marketplace by introducing more innovative and elegant products that will address the changing needs of its consumers, while remaining ever-mindful of its remarkable 100-year history and heritage.

‘The Writing is on the Wall’ will be on display at the Strand Gallery until the 10th of November.

To find more about Sheaffer visit their website here.


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