SPOTLIGHT: Amelia Fais Harnas

As Horance Panter’s exhibition ‘The Writing is on the Wall’ is coming to an end, we are looking at more icon inspired art. Portland based artist Amelia Fais Harnas approaches themes of iconography in a very unique technique a fresh angle and impressive skill.

Amelia Fais Harnas Wine Stains 8

Self Portrait as Saint Pompette © Amelia Fais Harnas

She uses wine in order to create her stunning portraits of different people on fabric. The characters portrayed are perhaps equally difficult to reveal as is the wine stain to be controlled and shaped. Amelia Fais Harnas uses a wax resist in order to create the shades of wine patterns fabricating her portraits on the cloth. She also sometimes uses embroidery and machine sewing to add to the final result. Her works however have a more fragile nature to other artworks and require more care and attention for the material to last.

£££ Amelia Fais Harnas-1211708

The Three Graces © Amelia Fais Harnas

Harna’s work can be associated with iconography mostly for her main material: the wine. Her works often depict people drinking a glass of wine which perhaps can be seen as a reference to the New Testament story of the Last Supper or the Shroud of Turin. Besides the Christian suggestions the wine might also refer to Greek mythology and the ancient belief of the wine as ‘the nectar of the gods’. All of these references as well as the wine stained or embroidery designed hallows suggest that the characters depicted are saint-like or immortal. Arguably her works illustrate some kind of sanctification.

Visit Amelia Fais Harna’s website here for more information.


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