COMING UP: ‘Harmony’ by Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter

The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition ‘Harmony’ by artists Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter. Their paintings combine a variety of thematic and material elements while capturing the moment in pattern of colours that betray emotion, memory and most importantly a sensation of harmony.


© Denise Hamilton

Denise Hamilton’s works are inspired by nature, movement and light and focus on the detail of an instant in time. This makes her paintings products of a long period of hard work and improvisation in order to imprison a moment that accentuates the atmosphere that envelopes it rather than the actual reality that is represented.


© Nuray Yigiter

Nuray Yigiter’s works find their inspiration in motion and the human body. Her experiences are what make her the artist that she is and are the dominant theme of her paintings. Her expressive colours fabricate her ethereal silhouettes onto the canvas in a way that connect their forms to their surroundings. Both painters’ brushstrokes give a feeling of motion and abstraction making the works up to some level conceptual and non representational.

You can visit Denise Hamilton‘s and Nuray Yigiter‘s websites for more information.

Their exhibition ‘Harmony’ will be on display at the Strand Gallery from the 11th -24th of November.


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