Our current exhibition, ‘Harmony’, brought to the gallery by Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter explores various themes through the medium of paint. However today’s feature will not necessarily explore the themes that Denise and Nuray look into, but will rather investigate a type of painting itself that we at The Strand Gallery find wildly interesting – Hyperrealism.

© Chuck Close

© Chuck Close

Possibly one of the most well known Hyperrealist paintings of all time comes in the form of the above self portrait from Chuck Close, an absolute master of the field. The term ‘Hyperreal’ is defined as being ‘exaggerated in comparison to reality’ – or ‘extremely realistic in detail’ when used within the art world – and it is a skill that only a select few can truly cultivate.

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The pure wonder of hyperrealist works comes from the fact that the amount of sheer talent necessary to pull off a piece of hand-painted work so terrifyingly realistic is just unfathomable. The above works by Jason de Graaf are so astoundingly good it’s quite scary. What we at the gallery love most about pieces like this is seeing them in the flesh and just not even believeing that they’re paintings – that is the sign of a true artist. Much like the next collection by Victor Rodriguez

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These pieces by Brooklyn-based Rodriguez are another collection that we find simply amazing. Scrolling through these pieces is enough to make even the most talented of artists green with envy.


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