SPOTLIGHT: Leslie Graff

Following our previous Spotlight on painter Toni Silber- Delerive, we are inspired by artists that explore figurative art and realism in their works. Today’s Spotlight falls on American painter Leslie Graff who focuses on domestic life and women’s role in society.


It’s a treat © Leslie Graff

Although her series of self-portraits are contemporary depictions, they borrow elements of pin up art and the expressive colours of pop art. Graff’s ability to draw from other periods of time enables her to explore the timelessness and universality of her subject matter within culture and history.


Soft & Clean © Leslie Graff

Her self-portraits focus on the domestic action or task, deliberately excluding the face and thus become open to discussion. Through her paintings, Graff asks universal questions about subjects that we all can relate but that are personal to each individual according to their experiences. Her work can also be seen as symbolic and her everyday representations explore the priorities, expectations and relationships within family life.


Sparkling Clean © Leslie Graff

Leslie Graff holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Brigham Young University and has also done additional art training at the Worchester Art Museum and RISD. Her works have been displayed in several group and solo exhibitions and she has been featured in Literary Journal and Segullah amongst other publications. For more information on this artist visit her website here.

Visit our current exhibition ‘Harmony’ by Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter which will be on display until the 24th of November.


2 responses to “SPOTLIGHT: Leslie Graff

  1. The Worchester Art Museum is such a wonderful gallery. Thank you for posting.

  2. Nice work — thanks for spotlighting this artists who I previously had not heard of!

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