To continue our exploration of interesting takes within the paint world, todays Spotlight falls on Jieun Park and her surreal cityscapes.

Jieun Park

Jieun Park

Inspired by her love of travel, Park explores cityscapes in a way that expressed all ranges of emotion from excitement to loneliness in a way that is as intriguing as it is beautiful. Her feelings of the particular city Park is visiting are portrayed through the abstract brush strokes which seem to act as a reveal of the bustling scene behind them.

Jieun Park

Jieun Park

Park’s collision of abstraction and realism creates something far more intricate and personal than a simple cityscape. She is quoted as saying

“The city is changing very fast while we are living our busy lives. The dull feeling of the buildings in my works portraits the people in hectic daily life where only meaningless everyday conversation exists.”

So although there is a complete lack of people within the paintings, their metaphoriacal presence is actually reflected through their absence and Park’s commentary on society.

Jieun Park

Jieun Park

Further examples of Park’s work can be seen on her website here.


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