INTERVIEW: Denise Hamilton

We are in the second week of ‘Harmony’ by Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter, here at the Strand Gallery. Read our interview with our exhibiting artist Denise to find out a bit more about her artistic journey, her influences and the process she undertakes to create her artworks.

Door Sign 001

Hello Denise! When was your first encounter with art and how has your journey as an artist evolved since then?

In 1984 I took a course in Fine Art Studies that allowed me to explore different techniques, ranging from photography to sculpture, engraving and painting.  After five years of studying, I worked as a Graphic Designer, but felt the absence of creativity and spontaneity of pictorial art. During these last years, I continued to research my own style, by working with mixed media and discovering subjects I liked to experiment with at the same time.

 What are the main themes that inspire your works and how do you tend to explore them in your paintings?

My main themes are nature and the space that surrounds us. I like to combine observation with memories and emotions. Nature challenges us to interpret it in a personal way and my paintings do not constitute reproduction of realism rather than the expression of my own feelings.

 Are there any artists that you admire and believe that have influenced your work and how?

Among many artists that inspire me, Wassily Kandinsky stands out for his way of perceiving art and Paul Cezanne for his colours as well as Gerhard Richter, who for me is a master of techniques. Every time I visit a gallery I am amazed and discover new aspects of artists. I find it most refreshing and inspiring to visit exhibitions as well as read about art.

 What process do you follow when creating a painting or work of art?

With a combination of memories, emotions, photographs and observation, I create a “first stage” image. The original drawing or sketch helps me to achieve a composition which is not always definitive until I decide the palette of colours. I spend a good amount of time choosing the combination of colours as well as figuring out the lights and shades.

Are you currently working on new art works and what are your plans for the future?

Exhibiting for the first time in a gallery in London has been a boost of inspiration and motivation. I do have works in progress, but having shared my paintings with people gives me new ideas to develop.

Door Sign 007

If you were inspired by Denise’s interview, visit her website here for more information. You can still visit ‘Harmony’ by Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter at the Strand Gallery until Saturday 23rd of November.


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