COMING UP: Constraints, Printmaking of Lei Cheng

The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition ‘Constraints: Printmaking of Lei Cheng’ opening this week.

Born in Macao, Cheng felt constrained from the tight relationships between its residents and found expression and outlet in art. Lines and colours become the embodiment of Cheng’s emotions and the means of articulating his thoughts and beliefs. His work is mainly concerned with the relationship of form and content within art. Cheng perceives this relationship as a personal challenge that each artist embarks on in order to find the right balance that represents him or her best.


In this exhibition Lei Cheng unfolds the story of his creative process of printmaking inviting us to share in the emotions that were once constrained but are now underlined in the various shades of ink. ‘Constraints: Printmaking of Lei Cheng’ will be on display at the Strand Gallery from the 2nd – 8th December, 11am-6pm.


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