SPOTLIGHT: Stephen Rosbon

Although our current Printmaking show has sadly come to an end, we haven’t lost the bug here at The Strand Gallery! As we reflect on Lei Cheng’s prints exhibited all the way from Macau we look to other printmakers to compare and contrast techniques and subject matter. Today we are exploring the prints of Stephen Robson, who delivers gorgeous, abstract landscapes.

Stephen Robson - Oystercatcher

Stephen Robson – Oystercatcher

Robson studied Fine Art at Goldsmith’s College, and interestingly enough became initially interested in photography. Professional photography has been his main occupation over the years, but recently he has made a return to drawing and painting, and studied printmaking.Robson now divides his time between these different ways of working, but whatever the chosen medium, all have a common foundation: observing and spending time drawing in a landscape, and from that creating an image on the spot or back in the studio.

Stephen Robson - Humber No.1

Stephen Robson – Humber No.1

The abstract aesthetic of Robson’s prints adds a mo0diness that pulls the viewer into the scene, trying to decipher every stroke and blotch. Gazing into these prints becomes something of an emotional experience, the ambiguity of the landscape generating some sort of nostalgia relevant to us all.

Stephen Robson - Marsh 2

Stephen Robson – Marsh 2

All images © Stephen Robson.

Further examples of Robson’s work can be seen on his website here.


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