Today we want to share the incredible installations of JeeYoung Lee with you all. Lee creates amazingly intricate, physical pieces within her tiny studio and photographs the results. And they are simply mindblowing.

JeeYoung Lee

JeeYoung Lee

For weeks, sometimes months, Lee creates the fabric of a universe born from her mind within the confines of her 3x6m studio. She does so with infinite and extraordinary patience, in order to exclude any post-processing. When her dreams are materialised, these worlds turn real and concrete: imagination reverts to the tangible and the visualisation of Lee’s fiction becomes its own reality.  In the midst of each of these sets stands the artist.

JeeYoung Lee

JeeYoung Lee

The pieces are unlike anything we’ve seen before, and the way Lee blurs the lines between fiction and reality are inspiring. We’ve had to create a virtual gallery exhibiting all of Lee’s work below because each image is even more incredible than the last. Have a look, and prepare to be amazed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All images © JeeYoung Lee.

Further examples of Lee’s work can be seen here.


One response to “SPOTLIGHT: JeeYoung Lee

  1. Wow. These pieces are so amazing. As an aspiring photographer, JeeYoung Lee is a very inspirational find. Thank you for introducing him to me.

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