During our very exciting showcase of the Terry O’Neill Award finalists here at The Strand Gallery, we want to take the time to really delve into the work of the exhibited photographers to give you wonderful viewers a deeper insight into the people behind the lens. Today we will be looking at the works of Paul Thompson, whose series ‘Moonlighting’ was shortlisted for the award.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

Paul is a British-born photographer who studied a H.N.D. in Photography and moved to London where he assisted many leading photographers before setting up his own Shoreditch-based studio in 2005. As his commercial and commissioned success grows, Thompson’s true passion still shines through with his personal works and projects.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

This project of Thompson’s set out as a large-format film-based exploration of landscapes and seascapes, pushing the boundares of night photography. The results are simply breathtaking, with an extreme consciousness of technical skill where some of the shots will have taken up to two hours to expose.

What these exposures ultimately give us is a blur of land, sea, and sky. Where each passing second leaves a unique gust of wind, or a tiny wave that leaves a ghostly shimmer.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

The final images are eerie and captivating, begging the viewer to explore each natural element represented within the frame. There are too many outstanding images to choose from so I have to leave you all with a gallery of my favourites below.

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All images © Paul Thompson

For further information on Thompson and his other projects, visit his website here.

A selection of images from ‘Moonlighting’ can be seen at the Terry O’Neill Awards, exhibited at The Strand Gallery until 26th January.


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  1. Gorgeous images!

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